Saturday, January 19, 2008

YOGA And Sterling Minerals™! A Lifestyle With Healing Benefits!

What does Yoga have to do with Sterling Minerals™? Well it is a lifestyle I believe in. When stress sets in as I meet deadlines, work on new formulations or just plain deal with day to day issues, Yoga has been my saving grace for rest, relaxation and healing my body especially on those sleepless nights. On the days I neglect myself, I feel the pressures build within my soul and my outward appearance reflects this along with experiencing deterioration of my health.

Yoga instruction taught me how to breathe properly. I never realized how shallow a breather I was until I began doing my Yoga. I remember when I was learning my Asanas (Poses or Postures), I nearly passed out from breathing so deeply since I didn’t quite get the flow of exhaling also. This must be kept in balance to keep from getting light headed and literally keeling over. But that’s another story. Just know one thing; if your extremities begin to tingle, you are not breathing correctly, so stop and center yourself and grab a chair as you return to a normal breath pattern. Breathing deeply and correctly is actually a learning experience since most of us are shallow breathers by nature and we do it without realizing it.

I have tried many different forms of Yoga and my favorite to date is Vinyasa Flow. I do this mainly for increasing flexibility and to develop my breathing to work in unison with my body, and occasionally I will do some Power Yoga if I really want to build my body heat and develop strength. I began my journey with Yoga a few years back and started with Hatha which I still incorporate today in my life for a bringing about a soothing calm and restoring my soul from outside influences and stress relief. Plus this method of Yoga is very easy to learn. Yoga is wonderful for increasing blood flow, creating flexibility, aiding in deep breathing for cleansing our bodies and lungs, for centering our inner peace and quieting our minds from destructive thinking. Yoga has also greatly improved my allergies in terms of relief from asthma since I have trained my lungs to breathe and expand deeply. Bouts of pneumonia are also a thing of the past.

Yoga principals are my guidelines for keeping things even in my life, going with the flow and to realize many things within our universe are beyond our control. In living this way of life, it is also a main focus I brought into my concept when I developed Sterling Minerals™ combining Science with Nature for creating a product line that utilizes ingredients that are still used today in the Ancient Art of Ayurveda. A product line that provides soothing, calming relief to the skin and body! It is for this reason we are so proud to be featured in YOGA Magazines’ February 2008 issue in their Natural Beauty Editorials. Look for this cover and pick up your copy today for some great articles including a Valentines’ day special on Kama Sutra to enjoy with your loved one. Our article is also in the UK Yoga Magazine Issue. Also look for our advertisement within U.S. issue only to treat yourself to our specials being offered and'Celebrate Your Natural Beauty'™.

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