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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Green Color Corrector - Just Say NO!

Who Teaches This Stuff.....Still?

I am still amazed every time I receive a phone call from a customer telling me about using a color corrector, green no less. They opened up their wallet and shelled out a few bucks at the drug store or at another online store, thinking this will end the flaws on the face... They go to these other outlets, because you see, we don't sell them, and for good reason.... Again another reason I love hearing from them, it gives me such great ideas to write about, especially knowing, if one struggles with this problem, there are many among the silent, who don't call or write, but search the internet for the advice. So I hope this will clear things up.

The compliments followed by the questions or concerns, always seems to be the same, how much they love our mineral foundations, but don't understand why it changes color when they apply it over the green color corrector they used.

This practice of color correcting is still being taught on videos, at cosmetic counters and similar, that the way to control redness or orange skin or blue under eye circles, is to use these hideous color correctors which can be found in green, yellow, lavender, and sometimes peach.....This is so old school and maybe worked back in the day before high def television and digital photography, but it is an outdated tool that does not work well with the "au naturale" woman, who is trying to achieve similarly, this look today.

Some may also be wondering why others close to them haven't pointed out there is something amiss, but perhaps they are embarrassed for their friend or don't want to hurt their feelings, especially if they think they are doing the best makeup application ever, spending endless hours getting it just right. In other cases, if something appears off, their spouses have been more than happy to point out there is something wrong going on with the face, but can't quite put their finger on it....gotta love those hubby's.....speaking from experience myself.

The sales pitch always is, Green is for muting redness, Yellow is for blue under eye circles or bruising and Lavender is for toning down orange skin, supposedly....and this will give you flawless skin......uh, do ya think...really?

The Reality Of The Situation

It is as simple though, as reeducating ourselves and understanding that this is color, yes that's right.....color, plain and simple...and it doesn't matter what pretty package with a bow on top, the sales clerk tries to wrap up this gimmick in.... When we add color that is separate from a perfect blend of foundation shading, it will alter the shade....why hasn't the cosmetic guru learned this? I mean do they even look in the mirror or venture out into natural daylight to see the actual end result that occurs to their freshly made up face? Unless they are caking on the foundation to also cover up the color corrector, this never works by today's standards of makeup application. Pancake makeup is so passe.

Green is a perfect example: In it's excellent ability to mute redness, it will do exactly the same to the red tones in a foundation, essentially turning them gray, basically making the skin appear ashen or ghostly....a dead gray pall, which is exactly what happened to my latest customer who gave us a ring yesterday.

In fact, many Olive shades are created with green in order to beige or gray out the shade so to speak because Olive skinned women possess very little red in their skin tone. But green is a poor substitute for creating a true beautiful Olive shade. We use true skin tone pigments which create our perfect Olive shades without making Olive skin turn ashy. Basically, you will not find any Chromium Oxide Green in any of our mineral foundations, which is the colorant of choice in many commercial brands for achieving beige tones, and again works great if you like gray skin.

Lavender: works wonderfully on toning down orange skin or counteracts sallow or bruised skin as the bruise begins to yellow, and controls hyper-pigmentation of the skin. But again, if used with the incorrect shade such as an Olive or Pink overtone shade, this will also make the face appear ashen because it contains a blue and red combination. If you have strong yellow undertones, then using this as a color corrector will give the skin a green cast.

Yellow: works well at reducing blue bruising, and blue under eye circles, but if it is again overused, this will completely alter true undertones making the correct foundation, incorrect, such if you have strong pink overtones, which will then make the skin appear orange.

Peach (Pink): also added to the line at times for color correcting for sallow skin types or dark areas with hyper-pigmentation, but I am sorry, there is never a good reason to use this awful shade unless, quite plainly, you enjoy orange skin.

Can't win for losing...huh?.... this is why we don't offer color correctors.

Best Advice

If you need to color correct, we have lovely blush shades that can also work as a face color, but they are identified as being used to subtly change the skin tone, not lambaste the entire face and then think that when we apply our foundation over the top, our skin tone will be perfection. In fact, we recommend applying them over the top of the foundation so the change can be achieved slowly to suit our needs. Whatever the foundation doesn't correct (this rarely happens if ever), then the blush face color can be used to give a touch more of color correction without altering the entire face.

Using the shades like Fiorella (Ivory, Yellow and Pink) or Jennifer (Ivory, Yellow) will work 100% better at doing the job of color correcting because they are formulated with true skin pigmentation designed to blend and complement the foundation you use and your natural skin tone.

Color correctors will never create that natural matter what you see or hear on TV. Remember, much of the education is shown in well lit studios or on you tube or even in a salon, which hardly ever gives true pigment to the skin due to the type of lighting. Daylight and natural light will reveal much...step outside and then tell me what you see. Plus the ultimate goal is to sell you more gimmicky stuff to only clog up your makeup drawer further or create more problems for skin...and most times at a wasted expense.

As with many of our customers, this has been the complaint once they leave the warmly lit makeup table and venture outdoors or leave the office setting of fluorescent lights, or the dimly lit public restroom, that have used these atrocious color correctors. They somehow have come to resemble some horrifying version of Herman Munster or Casper the Ghost....and then are utterly confused at what just happened to that beautiful shade they brought home....or worse yet, they blame the foundation shade they picked because they didn't try it without the ritual of color correcting first. Frustration continues as they seek out that perfect foundation shade, when in reality, it is the seemingly benign color corrector lurking in the makeup drawer, dooming their search from the get go.

Our skin should reflect it's natural beauty, not make it look like death warmed over. This may work at Halloween, but if we really want to portray the natural look we all seek, then mineral makeup is perfect for that, but skip the color corrector and you'll look incredible.

Our last customer conveyed as such, that once she removed the color corrector, the foundation shade she chose was awesome and the best match she found as opposed to the many other brands she tried.

Just Say No!

So next time you feel like a makeover at your favorite department store, or to pamper yourself at a spa setting which may include freshening up your makeup, and they reach for the color corrector for that blemish or touch of rosacea or blue under eye circles.....put up the hand and just say, "NO.....thank you."

In fact, as much as I don't like these much either because of the heavy texture, melt out or creeping that can occur, you would be far better off using a standard concealer stick made to reflect natural skin pigment than using one of the green, yellow, lavender, or peach me on this.

~Your skin will be more beautiful for it and your foundation shade will remain true~

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

How To Extend A Lip Glaze Video, Announcements And Some Fun


The holiday season is upon us and this is a time of year where I get a bit giddy and really enjoy the season of cheer!

Thanksgiving Day sets my ball in motion for baking, decorating, visiting all the gala events in downtown Boise, see the lighting of trees and the tree festival.

All the beautiful colors entice me and it is the only time in the winter, I grin and bear the wicked cold to venture out and see all the goodies and lights the city has to offer.

When the kids were little, we used to decorate up the house inside and out for a truly memorable experience for them....and if it snowed, it was a huge bonus. Most gifts were under the tree by the close of Thanksgiving weekend. To add to our cheer we began the neverending playing of Christmas Carols and watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story. These vivid memories were never so true in both of these movies. Just Love Them!

Now it is a new season for us, as empty nesters we go visit the kids in their homes to partake in good cheer and holiday fun.

This year we spent Thanksgiving at my daughter, Frances' house. It is her first home so she was excited to have us over without the intrusion of a room mate. She worked so hard to get to this point since room mates became fickle and less dependable on doing their share of the work and completing financial commitment to their landlords over the years. Her face glows now when you see her in her own home.

We enjoyed each others company, chowed down on some great food, and watched our favorite Thanksgiving video, Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

In keeping of the spirit of the Holidays, I decided to shoot a short video of my family during Thanksgiving Day and share it with my friends and subscribers. Just us, as we settle down to a day of fun and laughter. Of course my family was slightly more reserved than me, but I've become a seasoned pro since launching my YouTube page. ;~) However toward the end of the evening you'll see them feeling a bit more relaxed, just a bit though! (Grin) Hope you enjoy it!

If you are unable to see this due to RSS feed or email, please Click Here to visit the YouTube clip.

New Product Photos On Display!

Finally got the new Grecian Secret Body Souffle Photos up and the main one looks good enough to eat....certainly tempting, but smooth on your body instead for a soothing sensation and bask in the essential oil blends of a very relaxing memory they may invoke.

These are selling like crazy and will make great Christmas Gifts or a gift to yourself for the holidays for that little eccentricity for working so hard and taking care of your family all year long.

Having Fun With New Applications For Friends and Subscribers

In keeping of the spirit of feeling giddy, I decided to add a FAN page for my Business and I placed a link in several locations for easy sign up. The FAN page is located within FACEBOOK. The fastest growing social media Group on the internet next to Twitter. You can also follow me on Twitter if you like. All sign ups are fast and easy and you can give as little information about yourself as you want.

Facebook does require real names of users though in accordance with their no pseudo names, or nicknames or email will need to be YOU but you still control the level of privacy you wish. And the best part is you can begin to use their awesome applications to keep in touch with friends and family from all over the globe. Facebook for me personally, is my most favorite media tool since interactive responses are so fast.

Benefits Of Becoming A FAN

If you would like to become a FAN you can Click Here or sign up at My Website or in the sidebar of my blog. I decided this would be an excellent way to get immediate business updates on mineral cosmetics and skincare specials, promos and other fun things out to my subscribers for instant gratification since my blog articles are typically just once a week.

I plan on doing different things which some will only be available to FAN page guests and YouTube subscribers (My YouTube) and provide benefits that only a subscriber can receive since I don't plan on publishing the same on my website....these will be exclusive offers to my special guests! They will also never run simultaneously. I haven't quite figured out the context for YouTube, but I assure you I will try to make it fun and entertaining. I also plan to incorporate others into my videos for tutorials and to bring in more of my family and our daily lives as we progress into the Holiday traditions of family, friends and fun.

So I hope you'll join us and I'll see you soon at one of these media venues!

If you should have any questions about these media outlets, leave a comment here or write to me and I'll do what I can to assist you in joining the one of your choice.

Extending The Life Of A Lip Glaze

I also produced recently a video on how to extend the life of your Sterling Minerals Lip Glazes and other commercial brands. It is a great way to keep from throwing out that last bit of the "bottom of the tube color" that we just can't seem to quite reach with those wands. Again, if you can't see this below you can visit My YouTube Page for the Featured Video.

Techie Tip: Some may find they aren't able to view videos at all...simple fix, you'll need to install Adobe's Active X app to view youtube. You may be concerned about doing this based on all the virus warnings and spyware you are always hearing about.....this is a trusted site and this app is safe. It is in all computer software installs from MAC's to Windows 2000 and up, you simply need to give it an update and that is all that is required. So don't worry about using this upgrade. You Tube will provide you with the software update when you arrive at their page.

Well that's it for bringing you a day in my life and the latest updates for Sterling Minerals Cosmetics.

Have fun this holiday season and Merry Christmas. I am off to decorate the tree today. Cheers or should I say HO...HO...HO....'tis the season!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sterling Minerals Company News and Updates

Hello Everyone,

I sincerely hope you are enjoying our cooler weather combined with our Autumn colors that are literally bursting on every sidewalk, outside every home, leaving rivers of fallen leaves on stoops and in gutters.

I really wanted the warm weather to stick around longer but as the season changes with such exquisite displays of reds, burgundy's and golds, it is hard to not be swept up in the wonder of change. Halloween is just a little over a week away and my neighborhood is being transformed into spooky displays of black cats and splashes of orange. I hear excited children getting ready to go trick or treating. It's really difficult to ignore the fun and cheer the Fall season brings. Although orange is not my favorite color, it seems so fitting and a color that I actually do fall in love with at this time of year.

Spiced cider is the beverage of choice for me right now, sipping it in front of a fire with the one you love (my hubby), watching the last of our leaves turn color and float from their summer home coming to nestle in our winterized waterfall creating a cascade of color where there was once flowing water. Ah, c'est la vie...until next year. Anyhoo....

Just wanted to bring you up to date on the latest happenings at my company in case you have missed it.

The body cream testing is going very well and the scents we offer are pretty much split down the middle in terms of preference. No one scent is out leading the other. So it looks like I am going to bring both into the company and I am actually working on having them ready to go before the holidays. These will make great Christmas gifts for someone you love or to treat yourself to their luscious moisture and tantalizing aroma therapy.

So remember to ask for your sample when you order any full size mineral powders or ONATI Skin Care products.

Check Out Our Poll

I have added a poll to the right hand sidebar in my skincare guide just below the email sign up. This is a way for those who have yet to order, but could share their preference with us, can still participate by logging their vote. This is anonymous and only takes a click of the button. Click Here to participate.

I have also decided that even with the earlier release of the body cream, I will continue to provide free samples as I promised, through the holidays with your purchase as stated above. For further details go Here. Or watch our video below followed by Clicking Here to view the More Info under my photo on the right for ingredient details or for those who cannot view this in this article due to RSS feeds and Emails. Please remember, with the free sample, I am requesting the favor of feedback from any of you that ask and would appreciate your opinion.

More Videos Are Also Posted

I have also recently added a Review of Loreal's Extra Volume Collagen Mascara.

I love this mascara and it leaves my lashes well coated without clumping and it leaves them so soft. However, just to point out.....the Collagen does absolutely nothing for our lashes and don't know why it is in this formula except for marketing. Lashes are dead hair so any ingredient listed will not be absorbed or utilized by the lashes in any way shape or form...they will coat them nicely, hence the name mascara. ;~)

Nonetheless, I do enjoy this product very much. You can View it by Clicking Here or watch it below.

My Fall Color Tutorial for changing my colors is also up and I am planning to produce more of these to demonstrate our color pallets. Just realize that in the videos there can be some bleeding effect due to the lighting in my bathroom. But I will do my best to represent the colors as best as I can. Click Here to view or watch below. Of course no photography whether on the website or viewed in a video will do these colors justice. And remember you can request your FREE trial shades when you place a full size purchase which is detailed Here.

A Big Shout Out

Thanks to all those that have already participated in the free trial of skin cream and your feed back has been great.

I also want to thank those that have joined the Sterling Minerals Family from abroad. Our International Customers are growing everyday with our largest base coming from Australia (mainly New South Wales), Singapore, the UK and Canada. Our most recent additions to reaching out overseas are our Scandinavian neighbors.... Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We have enjoyed New Zealand, the Netherlands and France joining us as well.

I very much appreciate everyone who has fallen in love with our mineral makeup and skin care products and for those whom have reached out so far from home to give us your business. Thank You Again!

And to point out for those that are thinking about purchasing from us overseas please see our Shipping Rates now being offered to International Customers for reduced fees. Click Here for information.

Well that's the news....and I wish everyone a happy weekend. Stay Warm and get outside and smell the fresh brisk air...and maybe take a roll in a pile of your neighbors leaves...I mean isn't that what they are there for anyway?


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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mineral Eye Shadow Tutorial Is Now Posted!

Hi everyone,

The latest tutorial is up and I am demonstrating how to use our mineral eye colors. The eyeshadow shades I am using are Mermaid which is a buttery gold which transcends into a soft green shimmer. Very beautiful color especially in sunlight.

I follow it up with applying in the crease, Tiger Eye. A color that is a rich reddish brown with a coppery heat to it. This version of eye shadow look is for a person with small close set eyes like myself since I was not blessed with high brow bones, deep set or wide eyes.

Now please note, I am certainly not a makeup artist, but I am attempting to create a look which gives me a bright well rested appearance and to artificially create the crease I am lacking. Of course there are those that will prefer to soften and blend more so, it will all depend on the shape and dimension of the eye. Also, as with any eyeshadow, the definition will soften further from blinking throughout the day and become more blurred, then the look is optimal.

The trick to applying eye shadow is to keep it fun, experiment whenever you can and realize there are no hard fast rules. Do what works best and looks best for you.

There are other video mavens that do an excellent job at showing you different looks on YouTube and can teach many techniques if you are trying to achieve a certain look. One I highly recommend is Beauty Broadcast. She has gorgeous eyes and perfect for modeling different representations of eye color. They are large, bright, young with beautiful depth and high brow bone.

I'll do other videos with different looks and shades using three shades for a very soft look or just two shadows with a blending out and up to the brow bone. These are other ways that I wear my shadows and it works wonders for women wanting to have a very youthful appearance. I also plan to present other colors so you can see what they look like on as the seasons change.

Of course if you have any questions or special requests of what you would like to see, I'll be happy to do that. However, just be aware, if you want to see a certain shade, it may not be properly presented because not all shades will look good on everyone. But I'll give it my best!

Thanks and enjoy the latest video tutorial. Have a great weekend!

If you are having difficulty seeing this video follow me to my Sterling Minerals Media Zone.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

More Video Tutorials Are Now Posted!

Hey Everyone,

Well more videos are up and running. I have added 3 more since Wednesday.

One is Mineral Blush Application with some tips and tricks and Mineral Veils, the quick easy way plus how they benefit the skin along with sharing the holistic properties of the ingredients used.

Then today, I loaded up a tutorial for applying our Mineral Bronzer with an explanation of best application especially for mature ladies.

I also have some fun plans in the works to incorporate customer and viewer participation when viewing the videos. Details will still need to be worked out and then I will announce them here. So stay tuned!

For the latest videos go to Sterling Minerals Media Zone.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Mineral Makeup Tutorials Are Up!

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I have uploaded the first two tutorials in dealing with concealing and applying mineral makeup foundation with the moist method technique. These were the most requested by my customers so they were my priority for beginning what is going to be a long list of many fun things I have planned for video. So have fun and enjoy!

I have done an extensive tips and tricks in each video as I continue to repeatedly show the technique. Also in the Foundation tutorial listen closely and you'll hear my interpretation of Porky Pig.... badee badee badee that's all folks! Got a little tongue tied! At least it's good for a laugh as I get used to talking into a camera. And I am au naturale to be sure.

For those that are having trouble viewing this here or cannot view it perhaps in their email delivery please click on Sterling Minerals Media Zone Channel and you may watch them there and also subscribe if you like to receive updates as they are loaded into my media zone.

Feel free to leave me your comments here on the blog or suggestions and any feedback you wish directly with the video or on my youtube channel. I appreciate hearing from you very much.

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Applying Mineral Makeup With The Moist Method Technique

Today I have decided to give a small tutorial on how to apply our mineral foundation for those who wish to achieve heavier coverage or to simply enjoy the benefit of further reducing fly away of their mineral powders. For whatever reason, the look will be incredibly flawless skin. Although I touch on this in my Flawless Face Technique page, some are still not sure how to proceed, especially those that are new to mineral makeup altogether.

The reason this method works so well, is due to our unique formulations, making it impossible for them to cake on the face. Also, the technique referred to as the "Wet Method" you may have seen or used with other brands, will not work with our minerals. That is why I created this tutorial to be specific to our unique mineral powders. You will discover moisture added to the brush gives the makeup a soft creamy feel as the powders are applied. This is how I apply my minerals and I love it.

Another reason this method is so important to know about, is there are some who just can't get past the fear of applying a moisturizer if they have oily skin or acne, so the moisture method assists them with better adherence to the skin.

One more thing to also know, even if you don't want heavier coverage, with the moist method you can control the level of coverage through the amount of minerals you place on the brush. You cannot overdo with our products. I personally have applied up to 10 layers of my mineral makeup foundation trying to get them to cake and it just doesn't happen. Now I was quite the sight and I don't recommend this for a natural glowing complexion, but it was fun to do when creating my formulas. Well....let's get started!

Moist Method Application:

Tap the amount of minerals you desire onto your plate and get out your fine spray mist bottle filled with either distilled water or our Perfect Balance Facial Toner to use to not only set your powders, but to apply them. Prepare your face with cleansing, toning and moisturizing to create the best canvas for application of color. Remember, with our mineral powders, you do not need to wait for the moisturizer to be completely absorbed like with other mineral makeup brands. In fact it only better serves you for increased adherence to skin.

Take your buki brush, flat top or a buffer brush and lightly spray moisture onto the bristles. Usually 2 to 3 pumps will do it and hold the bottle about 8 inches from the brush. You do not want your brush saturated or "wet" feeling since this will only make "mud" of your minerals. You want to be able to allow them to glide onto the skin and prevent drag. It may sound complicated but it is really simple once you try it a couple of times.

After spraying the brush, then proceed to lightly rub brush quickly across the palm of your hand to disperse droplets that may have landed on the bristles and to distribute the moisture evenly across the bristles. Dip into your mineral powders and they will grab onto the moist brush and you will note the amount you pick up will be more than you may be used to.

This picture shows how much I place on my brush, and one application typically does it for me. I don't have to keep dipping repeatedly. Again, don't worry, the minerals will disperse beautifully and will not cake, or you can tap off excess if still unsure of what I promise. But note that if you reduce the powders to a smattering like you may have to with other mineral powders to prevent caking, you can still create drag and streak color, so you do want more powders on the bristles than you may be used to. However, if you want to apply with the preferred moist method but want a more sheer application, then reduce the amount of sprays to just one and then pick up minimal powder.

Rule of thumb.... more moisture, more powder....less moisture, less powder. The powders are quite accommodating to your application desires. Also once mastered, this is by far the fastest method of application as well.

Now gently press and rotate the brush on your skin to take advantage of the moisture covering the bristles. Continue to gently press and sweep to place the powders where you want them. If you didn't get enough, repeat the process again. Once you have achieved correct placement of your minerals, lightly buff to even out the application and disperse color into hairline, neck, and décolleté. Again, this picture shows about the right amount for a fast single application.

Remember, our mineral powders do not require endless buffing to apply them. Press, Sweep, and Buff lightly....that is all that is needed. Our mineral powders are essentially goof proof!

TIP: Never pick up minerals with your brush first and spray moisture over the top of the powders, you will cause a streaking effect on the skin. Even though our powders will always buff out to perfection despite this mistake, it just requires more buffing to smooth the shade back out. Keep it simple and avoid over buffing on the skin especially for sensitive skin types, unless you are using one of our Faux Fur line of Spa Brushes. You can't irritate your skin with these.

You can use the moist method for mineral foundations and mineral veils. The cooling effect of the Rice Powder when moistened is incredible and very soothing to the skin.

The Big No No!

Do not use this method to apply bronzer or blush since these are designed for color intensity and not for coverage. You will end up with a less than perfect application if these are applied to damp skin or with moist method. Streaking or splotching will occur. However, after these are applied you can spray over the top of them to set the minerals and to deepen the color faster.

Spraying moisture over your mineral powders will set all of your makeup and give you a clean, healthy looking complexion. The results are so natural and it is truly, in my opinion, the optimum look one can achieve. Just relax with the process and have fun!

Well that's today's brief tutorial for those who want a natural look or a bit more coverage. Either way, once tried, it may very well become your favorite way of applying your mineral powders in the future.

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

How To Choose And Apply A Bronzer

As summer approaches and we get outside more, Bronzer sales are ever increasing. We start to get a bit of color to our skin, ever so slightly sunkissed as we garden, ride our bikes, take walks or perform whatever favorite outdoor activity we may be into. Using a Bronzer allows us to keep our faces protected, yet provides a beautiful tan in order to match the rest of our bodies as our melanin gradually deepens from careful sun exposure.

Bronzer allows us to create subtle shifts in shading as our skin begins to darken. It also is used for contouring our faces. Bronzer is a very versatile product since it can be quite sheer. Yet with so many on the market it is difficult to know how to choose a Bronzer or even how to apply one once you get it.

There are several types of Mineral Bronzing Powder available: Outside of a variety of color choices these are the basic formulations on the market today in loose powder form.

      1. Sparkle Bronzer ~ Usually is an all colored mica based bronzer with only Titanium Dioxide added to the blend.

      2. Shimmer Bronzer ~ This Bronzer is formulated with colored mica blended in a base of mineral and / or botanical ingredients including iron oxides.

      3. Plain Bronzer ~ Typically a Bronzer that is formulated in the same way a matte blush is. A simple base of minerals, Sericite (mica) and Iron Oxides.
You may be wondering what is the significance of this?

Each Bronzer will perform in different ways on the skin.

For instance the first one will offer a sunkiss glow of color and is great for literally adding sparkle to the skin and face. Makes for a lovely evening highlighter that lends elegance to that enchanted evening. But for those that don't care for the sparkle effect then this would not be the one to choose.

The second choice is how we formulate ours and is the most popular among Bronzer selections. This Bronzer has a subtle shimmer effect, is quite sheer and boosts the skin shading to the perfect depth of color. Your skin will have a lovely luminous glow about it without looking sparkly.

The third choice, is strictly for deepening the skin tone as we tan, is great for contouring the face, is typically matte, and women use this type of Bronzer when wishing to only contour their face. For women that wish to deepen their entire complexion will find this type of Bronzer difficult to work with.

Now for the downside to certain Bronzers:

The first one is self explanatory. Many women will feel as though they are wearing glitter on their skin, and some love this effect while others don't want to look like they just stepped out of a New Years Eve Party.

The second one gives subtle shimmer, and is the best compromise for achieving the healthy glow of sunkissed skin. Even so, some women may be concerned about using one with just a hint of shimmer. The good news is this formula of Bronzer with a shimmer effect can be diminished as I will explain in a bit.

The third choice, though it has no shimmer effect can produce a flat, muddy appearance to the skin. This type of Bronzer can rarely be applied sheer enough and can go on heavy in color and make the face lose dimension. This is a poor choice for achieving sheer perfection.

Understanding The Performance Of Bronzers:

Bronzers are not designed for coverage of facial imperfections but to refract light to diminish their appearance. When formulated correctly they are excellent for boosting skin tone as we darken from the sun. They can be mixed with your foundation for deepening its' tone or applied last thing over your foundation and mineral veil.

Tip: For best results always apply last thing rather than blend with foundation. Use a darker shade of foundation if you want to darken your skin rather than with a use of a bronzer in this way.

Bronzers are also formulated to recreate the natural appearance of being out in the sun. Typically as we darken, our skin gets a healthy glow about it and doesn't go flat or look splotchy. Skin tone tends to even as we gain a tan. That is why women with a tan can hide spider veins, and redness on the skin seems to disappear behind the ever deepening healthy looking veil.

This is why the second type of Bronzer works so well. It gives a beautiful subtle, deepening glow of naturally tanned skin due to the slight shimmer effect it offers. Without the use of colored mica, the skin loses the 3 dimensional effect. A shimmer Bronzer gives our faces depth and natural contour.

The third type of Bronzer because of how it is formulated may add color and will darken the skin, but the complaint by the women who use this type of matte Bronzer claim it makes their skin look splotchy, muddy and flat looking. Not a very pretty picture.

The reason this occurs is due to the heavy formulation of base with Iron Oxides. You can achieve coverage with this type of Bronzer, so it is more like a foundation rather than an actual Bronzer. Hence the problems you get when trying to work with this type as an individual layer to your makeup.

Bronzer should float across the skin in sheer form, so the coverage must be sheer like a mineral veil with just a hint of iron oxide to shade them correctly.

How To Apply Bronzer:

When using a quality Bronzer, you can apply it alone or over your makeup. When used alone, remember it will not provide any coverage but will deepen your skin tone allowing "you" to shine through. Also, be aware, when used alone, make sure your skin is dry and moisturizer is completely absorbed, otherwise, Bronzer will stick to moist areas and not readily disperse.

Applied last thing over your makeup is ideal since this will provide the most depth to your facial features, give a natural healthy glow and make for a gradual deepening of skin tone. Very easy to control the shade you wish when applied this way. Bronzer also is designed to sit on top of the skin and / or your foundation leaving skin lustrous with the effect of a slight shimmer I described earlier.

Always use a large fluffy, open bristled brush for Bronzer. This will allow the bristles to flare and prevent too much powder from going in one spot on the skin. Brushes used for mineral foundation are too dense and will make for a less than favorable result.

When dipping your brush into the Bronzer, make sure you always tap off excess or tap bottom of handle and sift powder in amongst the bristles. You should only see a smattering of powder tipping the bristles as demonstrated in the picture to the right. Sweep quickly with light strokes, barely touching the skins' surface with the bristles. Dip and reapply in layers only to keep shading and contouring even.

Continue to work in broad sweeping strokes as the powder gets placed where you want it. Always apply in layers and allow to warm to your skins' natural oils to see how dark you get before adding more. Using a light spritz of distilled water will hasten this effect. Don't forget to go down onto the neck and Décolleté area. Applying to your shoulders also for a subtle touch of color.

Want To Reduce Shimmer?

Many women love the sheer application of a Bronzer but wish to reduce the shimmer effect that accompanies this popular formula, realizing the latter choice will make their skin uneven and muddy and the first choice is too much glitter for their taste.

It is very simple! It is similar to foiling eye color.

Many women aren't aware of this, but when you spritz the skin with moisture after applying Bronzer, it not only deepens the shade quickly, but it minimizes the shimmer effect.

Once your face dries, go over the face again with your foundation brush to meld the Bronzer with your foundation. Or if needing it a bit darker, add another layer and repeat the steps again to reduce the shimmer effect.

This is the same way you foil an eye color with a moist brush. It intensifies the shade, yet any shimmer is greatly reduced.

The healthy sheer, deepened glow is all that remains! Beautiful!

Wishing you continued skin health....and be careful out in the sunshine.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Foiling Method Of Applying Eye Shadow

I have had women ask me how to make their eye shadow more intense. They love the color but wish for it to really pop. Foiling eye color is the answer, yet I was surprised to learn many women are not familiar with this term or what it even is.

Foiling is a simple method and gives beautiful results. It also helps the eye color to last longer. Precision is perfect with no fuss or muss.

Begin with your jar of loose mineral eye shadows, tap out a tiny amount onto a plate or into the lid. Remember do not touch your brush to the sifter to prevent cross contamination.

Then get your shading brush slightly damp using distilled water preferably, followed by dipping it into the minerals. When you look at the color now, you will see it has intensified to a super rich color.

Now simply apply to the eyelid. The sensation will be very cooling, and the eye color will be gorgeous.

Foiling method is also similar to creating an eyeliner out of darker shades using an eye liner brush. Angled brushes are excellent for intensifying the color in the crease.

Mineral eye colors can be just as dark and rich through foiling them as commercial shades loaded with dyes, lakes and synthetic colors without the risk of problems these can cause around the eye area.

A final spritz of distilled water over the top will set the eye color for the day. Make sure you keep the eyelid closed, or if you still have a crease like me when your lid is closed then keep the eye wide by looking down and raising eyebrows and not allow your eyelid to crease until lid dries.
Tip: Don't ever stretch or pull the crease out of the eyelid since this will only damage the delicate eye tissue over time. And as we mature, we certainly don't need to help gravity any. So use facial muscles to extend the eyelid instead of your fingers.

Making Eye Color Last Longer

Although my mineral Rose Bloom Eye Colors are formulated in a base to increase staying power and are not just colored micas which do not last, they are not impervious to fade out or creasing.

Many factors contribute to this. The shape of the eye, skin creams, blinking or oily skin.

Due to the shape of the eye such as a woman with very little lid or a deep fold in the eyelid will tend to have fade out and a bit of build up of shadow in the crease. Women of Asian heritage tend to possess this eye type. Blinking throughout the day causes an ongoing rub out every time the lid opens and closes.

Women with beautiful deep set eyes have it made as far as the color lasting forever. The lid is large and is shrouded by a high brow bone so very little crease, preventing the rub out. I have a deep crease with a small lid so I too experience some fade out. It simply is genetics ladies, and we just make do with what we have been blessed with. And as we age eyelids begin to droop more, making our crease heavier and more prominent. Having an eye color look as fresh as the moment we applied it by the end of the day, will be a miracle for our eye types. Basically the same principal as lipstick. It too won't last all day due to speaking, eating, drinking and from licking our lips.

Very oily lids will also cause eye shadow to crease or the use of creams which possess silicone oils due to the slip properties of these ingredients. If you experience this problem due to creams or oily lids then I advise using an eyelid primer before applying your eyeshadow. Evening Rose Veil can assist with this or a drugstore brand will work equally as well. Also avoid applying moisturizer directly to the eyelid. Save it for bedtime after makeup comes off. Other companies state the opposite to make their mica colors adhere, however this will only make the problem worse and a skin cream cannot prevent a colored mica from wearing off since they have no ingredients for adherence to the eyelid. Creasing will be terrible and literally after about an hour the color will all but be gone.

Only use a moisturizer that is free of silicone yet possess, natural butters and oils which absorb really well and don't tend to leave a greasy after feel. Our new Vitamin Rich Facial Serum arriving next month, is going to be perfect for priming the face and eyes for mineral makeup application.

I hope all of your holiday plans went off without a hitch and I missed writing to you every week. It was a nice break, but I am glad to be back.

Hope you all have a great 2009!

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Does Mineral Makeup Cause Dark Skin To Look Ashy?

Many women with dark ethnic skin tones have been concerned about their skin turning ashy when they use mineral cosmetics. This has been expressed to me on more than one occasion so I decided it was probably time to explain exactly why this happens with some mineral makeup, but not with all minerals. Many also insist it is linked totally to the use of Titanium Dioxide in the products. This is only true to a degree.

Titanium Dioxide, when used in high concentrations, can cause an ashy appearance to dark skin since it is considered a pigment for lightening shades. It also has excellent light refracting properties only surpassed by diamonds, giving a brighter appearance to the face. However, not all minerals use this ingredient in high concentrations even if you see it as the first ingredient on the list. It may only be at a 5-25% concentration in the overall formula. If an ingredient list is primarily Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides and Mica, odds are this would be a formula that can cause considerable problems for turning dark skin gray or ashy.

A high quality blend of minerals and / or botanicals should readily melt with any skin tone if the ratios are put into proper proportion and Titanium is utilized more as a sunscreen component rather than a pigment for changing depth of shades. Different mineral makeup blends can achieve the lightening effects on pigments without it causing a white-out effect. Our blends of dark mineral foundation shades melt with your skin tone and the effect is the same for Delicate Rose Petal™, Dewy Rose Petal™ and Velvet Rose Petal™.

Another reason you may also appear ashy or gray is you are choosing the incorrect shade for your skin tone. If you should have a lot of golden, yellow or red in your skin using a shade that is geared toward neutrals, dark olive or cool chocolate (blue/red skin tones) will definitely create an ashy / gray appearance to the skin. So what you may have once been blaming on Titanium Dioxide, may actually be caused by too cool of a shade for your color. Also some companies may use black oxide in excess to darken shades and this will actually gray the shade instead of darkening it.

One other likely reason, and one that many dark skinned women don’t wish to accept at times, is heredity can give you a greenish / yellow cast to your face. This is your natural skin tone and is usually indicative of Olive skin. If you stray too far from this natural skin tone by trying to infuse too much red to counteract the yellow / greenish cast, you will appear as though you are wearing the wrong shade and can look pasty and ashy. Try to enhance your natural skin tone since this will look best on you. Other shading options are available through blush and bronzer if you wish to perk up a certain skin tone. A mineral makeup foundation done properly that truly matches and mirrors your natural skin will enhance it and you will suddenly appreciate what you were blessed with since your face will glow with the correct shade using a premium mineral makeup.

Another variation; dark skinned women wanting to counteract the deep reds they have in their skin for more of a golden yellow. Yet again, covering the deep reds that you possess naturally due to the depth of color you have, this will make you look like you are wearing the wrong shade. Too much yellow on a deep reddish brown skin will give you an unnatural appearance.

The best way to avoid a problem is to always try samples and make sure you purchase those in the warm deep golden / red tones if you have a reddish brown to caramel skin, or maybe try a more neutral tone to mix to adjust shade color or to enhance a true Olive skin. Sometimes unless the blue / red skin tone is quite obvious such in very dark skin tones, you may just not realize what you are doing to your skin with the incorrect shading. Sending a photo of yourself in natural daylight which includes face, shoulder, and neck and chest area to Sterling Minerals™ is always helpful so that I or one of my staff may further assist you in getting you close to a skin tone match with minimal sampling. You can send your photo to us at

Follow these simple practices and you will learn to “Celebrate Your Natural Beauty™”.

Below are shade examples for these ethnic skin tones. You can mix or lighten to achieve perfection in shading. To add more yellow and to neutralize red, using Xantha is an excellent option. Mirabella, Emily and Tawny are also excellent for lighter ethnic skin based on your preferred undertones.








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